php $_server... because of ports, duh

photo by Piet Musterd

The PHP $_SERVER superglobal allows you access to some truly useful information about the client browser, the web server environment, and the current page context. We all know the basics of what this array holds, but here I go into a bit more detail to find out what else it can tell us…


Wordpress PerformanceWordPress has a low barrier to entry and encourages experimentation, which are both good things for developers. But once a WordPress site is up and running, you need to get it running fast enough to keep Google happy. Luckily WordPress performance is easy to get started with: there are quite a few quick things you can do to improve the performance of vanilla WordPress installs.

database designIn Session 2 of our Yii Framework Tutorial we’ll move on to the database schema. We’ll examine the functional requirements, then draft and refine a list of tables from that. We’ll also draft a list of attributes and use that to create a complete SQL statement to generate the database. (more…)

Web App Design: 1930s Plan of Deseronto lotsOpening the factory doors: An MVC web app design from scratch. Ok, so as I’ve already mentioned, I’m writing a series of tutorials where I build an MVC web app entirely from scratch in the Yii Framework. This post outlines what the project is, outlines the web app design and some approaches I will be taking. (more…)

Check out the video for an overview of the wordpress cron system. Here’s some background information:

Sometimes on a wordpress site you need to run a job at regular intervals. Say, for example, you store draft customer details when people are browsing your site; and you want to remove them if they haven’t completed their registration after a couple of days. Now, there is a good system in Unix OSes called cron that will do this, but it’s not always suitable… (more…)

I’ve been doing some work with random strings lately and, in an effort to improve the speed of my code, did some testing. I discovered an interesting alternative to php rand… (more…)