First steps tutorial

Welcome to my series of tutorials covering the absolute basics of programming with PHP. I will guide you through the first steps and some basic techniques and strategies. You will use some of these to complete a very basic project so you have something to show for sticking with it!

PHP is a massive subject so Iā€™m going to limit our focus to a few of the most fundamental features. We will only cover enough to get you up and running; and I have tried hard to keep it from becoming too intimidating for the beginner. As always, let me know what you think or if you have any ideas for improvements.

Have Fun!



Session Index

  1. PHP Setup ā€“ Mac (Choose a good text editor, install MAMP, and write your first PHP script)
  2. Setup ā€“ Windows (Install Ultraedit, install WAMP, and write your first PHP script)
  3. PHP language basics
  4. Loops and Conditionals
  5. Arrays
  6. Functions
  7. Fundamentals of debugging PHP
  8. Project: password generator

24 hr tutorial Hey!
Based on the feedback from readers of this tutorial series I’ve expanded, revised, and improved this brief intro as a whole book. It is much longer, so you get a more in-depth guide to getting started. As a result you’ll write better code. When you buy the book you also get a download password for all the source code from the tutorials. Build a functioning blog from scratch, and other useful mini-projects! Check it out »

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