Install PHP development setup on Windows

Installing a WAMP stack and writing your first PHP: Overview

There are three steps we’ll cover in this session:

  1. Get UltraEdit or Sublime Text
  2. Install a WAMP stack
  3. Do a simple test

1. Get UltraEdit or Sublime Text

UltraEdit is a mature text editor with great features. There is a 30 day trial version available, so go get it here.

Or you could go for Sublime Text, which is a great text editor and is available in a non-time limited trial version. I use Sublime Text and recommend it. I am not affiliated with any of these products; this information is just to help you get started.

…If you really don’t want to pay you can try Notepad++ – I’ve used this a few times and it seems good too!

2. Install a WAMP stack

Head over to and follow the download link to the sourceforge page. Download the newest version you can find.


Double-click the .7z and run the installer. The default options are fine.

When the installer finishes, make sure the server is started. It should look like this:


Open your text editor of choice and type this into a new document:

<?php echo ‘Hi!’; ?>

Save it as [Uniform Server Folder]\www\index.php.

Open a web browser and visit http://localhost.

You should see a very plain, unstyled greeting. Congratulations, you got PHP working and wrote your first script!

This post is part of PHP First Steps Tutorial. Go on to the next session: PHP language basics.

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