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database designIn Session 2 of our Yii Framework Tutorial we’ll move on to the database schema. We’ll examine the functional requirements, then draft and refine a list of tables from that. We’ll also draft a list of attributes and use that to create a complete SQL statement to generate the database. (more…)

Web App Design: 1930s Plan of Deseronto lotsOpening the factory doors: An MVC web app design from scratch. Ok, so as I’ve already mentioned, I’m writing a series of tutorials where I build an MVC web app entirely from scratch in the Yii Framework. This post outlines what the project is, outlines the web app design and some approaches I will be taking. (more…)

raddir yii framework tutorial
I’ve already produced a first steps tutorial for total PHP newbies, and now I’m dying to get stuck into something much bigger and more challenging. So that’s why I’m introducing today this new project: A Yii Framework Tutorial. This tutorial is going to be massive and exhaustive. I’m going to build a full site in Yii Framework from nothing, and document the whole process.

When the main body of the development is complete it will be an actual PHP web app that you can download and install for yourself. The intention is to then implement the app at some hosting, make it live and populate it, and try to get people using it. This post-development stage is not strictly speaking part of PHP development, but it is critical to the success of any site and so may be of use to you. In any case it should make for a fun experiment! (more…)